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  • Meet our friendly team


    Principal and IT Consultant

    Nathan has been running this show since 2005. That feels like a long time ago now. Kids didn't even exist then, or alpacas.


    Nathan is here to ensure that Portable Systems is providing you with the best service possible.


    MEDIUM: He agrees with chilies but they don't agree with him.


    IT Consultant

    Felix has been working in IT since 1982 when discs were truly floppy and 8" in size.

    He brings a wealth of experience to the team as a senior technician.


    MEDIUM: He likes his chili medium, he likes to taste his food.


    IT Support Technician

    Gareth has been working with technology since taking up a trainee gig in 2004.

    When you call us you are most likely to speak with Gareth first. He is friendly, charming and ready to help.


    HOT: Weaponized. Chili is just another game to play.


    IT Support Technician

    Ganesh has been a tech specialist for 8 years. Ganesh is there to give you quick online support for all of your immediate requests.


    HOT: Super hot! Born to eat chili! Ganesh believes he can drink lava from a live volcano.


    Network Administrator

    A computer science graduate who loves to figure out how things work.


    Hugh is at work behind the scenes monitoring and maintaining your IT systems.


    LOW: He doesn't like hot food, wishes that chilies were sweets.


    Finance Administrator

    Rose has been an Executive Assistant and Office/Project manager for the past 8 years in both small and large multinational firms. She serves as the all-rounder for Portable Systems...and she is pretty good with Technology too!


    MEDIUM: She doesn't like it bland or strong. Chili flakes over chili oil. Green over red.


    IT Support Technician

    Andrew is a current student of computer science with a love of games.
    Indomitable, he is new to the industry, ready to learn and help you out.


    Medium: Andrew likes to think he can handle more heat than he can!


    IT Support Technician

    Janaka is an experienced systems engineer with close to 10 years involvement in the IT industry implementing new systems and fixing existing ones. Whenever he's not working on computers, you will find him learning new technologies and astrophysics.


    HOT: Dragon's breath! His motto: The hotter - the better.


    Sales and Admin Support

    Suzette has extensive experience in Sales, Management, and Online Assistance. Driven and motivated to help organizations thrive. Lives on an island with an active volcano and channels this energy into helping you.


    Medium: Loves Chili. Goes gaga over Korean Food.

    Portable Systems - IT Support